Welcome to the official website of Ivygreen Allotments Society, Chorlton, Manchester. 

The website is for our members, our neighbours, the owners of our site - Manchester City Council - partner organisations and anyone who has an interest in knowing more about our site and activities. There's lots of information about our Shop, our events, the people who serve on the committee and much, much more. If you have a specific question, please get in touch and we'll aim to get back to you promptly.  Dive in and enjoy!

Wait list

How do I apply?

You can put your name down for an allotment at the Manchester City Council's website. MCC own the land and manage all applications. Your name is then passed to the Secretary of the committee, and they will contact you when a plot comes free.  Currently, Ivygreen has a long waiting list of over 80 people. Approximately 7-8 people leave each year.  If someone with a large full plot leaves, we split that plot and let it to two people. The reality is you'll need to be patient but the sooner you're on the list the better.

About us

Ivygreen Allotments are located in Chorlton on the edge of Chorlton Ees Nature Reserve. The attractive site is owned by Manchester City Council and has  14 full size plots, 78 medium size plots (former full plots divided into two) and 9 smaller plots which are on odd pieces of land throughout the site or very large plots divided.  

Over 100 plots with around 140 people involved
Site owned by Manchester City Council
Public events

Allotment Wiki

There are 141 people working these plots and they can be one of four types of tenant: a plotholder, a co-tenant, a co-worker or a plot share.  
  • A plot holder and co-tenant have equal responsibility and rights over the plot.  They pay rent based on the area of the plot to Manchester City Council and are responsible for keeping the plot in good order.
  • A co-worker is someone who helps a plot holder on a regular basis but has no rights over the plot, so if the plot holder gives up the plot the co-worker cannot take it on.
  • A plot share is someone from the waiting list who is working on a plot with a plotholder, till a plot comes vacant for them, but they have no rights over that plot.
Everybody, regardless of where they sit in the above types, is required to be a member of the Ivygreen Allotment Society which is £15 per person per year.

The Society is made up of its membership and is managed on behalf of Manchester City Council by an elected committee of plot holders who volunteer their time to run various aspects of site management.Elections take place every November at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Other plot holders also volunteer their time on specific projects.

There are a variety of public events throughout the year including a plant sale and an annual show. There's a small shop on site for members to purchase items such as peat-free compost, fertiliser, tools and hardware and other essential items.

Altogether a friendly, engaged and positive group of members united by a love of growing.

Above photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
Other feature photography by Jenny Whitham and other plotholders.